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Qualitas T&G Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Kft.

Qualitas T & G Consulting and Service Ltd. has been presented on the Hungarian public service market since 1996. The company was founded in 1996 when public education institutions first came to the position that they had to formulate their own strategy, goals and tasks assigned to their objects. We developed our first training programs and started our activity providing them support; we held training, conducted tutoring sessions, and we published on the subject. Our company has continuously developed the team of consultants and experts in which value-building, well-prepared people who support change and work with relevant expertise. In keeping with high professional standards, our office is able to help to improve the quality of organizations and increase their competitiveness on the domestic and European markets. Our readiness, our abilities meet the 21st century's new challenges and opportunities, thus enabling us to continue to be present in the consulting and service market. Our mission is to work properly in our day-to-day work as Qualitas T & G Ltd. has been and will continue to be an advisory firm in the future, aiming to transform its knowledge into value for its partners, clients, consultants, experts and the environment.

Website: qualitas.hu

Cooperativa Sociale Borgorete

Società Cooperativa Sociale BorgoRete (SCSB, www.borgorete.it ) was founded in February 2007, from the merging of two social cooperatives, both founded in 1979. The two cooperatives progressively extended their fields of work and their aims, seeking to reconcile opposing values and practices, such as localism and the wider perspective, paid and voluntary work, the theoretical ideal and practical reality. Nowadays, the cooperative BorgoRete employs c.a.160 people in the region of Umbria as paid staff and less than 20 voluntary people. Borgorete’s mission is to promote social competences at the level of the community, its main objectives are:
Website: borgorete.it

Istitutio Comprensivo Perugia 2

Our organisation is a comprehensive school with a nursery school, primary and secondary school (with 5-14-year-old students). The staff consists of 119 members. The total amount of students is 968. We work with the Montessori method that represents a carefully planned and built educational strategy with the continuous monitoring of the students' achievement. Our pedagogical mission is that students need different timeframe and different methods to learn but they are all able to be get involved in the educational process. Our operational area is Perugia, in Italy. We work closely together with the University of Perugia in different educational projects and we are also an open school for teachers from all over Italy and Europe who would like to learn about the Montessori method. We focus on the continuous development of our teachers and organise internal and external trainings for them in different topics, from the ICT to the experimental learning.

Website: istitutocomprensivoperugia2.edu.it

Maroslelei Általános Iskola

Maroslele is a small village on the south part of Hungary, near the Romanian border. There is a primary school in the village. We have 140 students and 17 teachers teach from grade one to grade eight. Most of the students live in the village so studying in this school is convenient for them because they do not have to commute. Students like this school because it is enjoyable, try to implement a different approach to impose studies on students. Students in this school are never forced to study just for passing through. We aim to provide a happy caring school where children are enthusiastic and well- motivated. Teachers use different teaching strategies, lessons are varied and interesting. We offer a wide range of programs during the school year. The school works based on the Hungarian core curriculum but we try to add as many extracurricular contents to our educational program as we can. The school focuses on the students' life-skill development and uses effectively the local community, parents, local businesses and civic organization to provide a learning opportunity. The team of the teachers is an innovative, fresh-thinking group. Teachers actively collaborate and share knowledge in everyday teaching practice.

Website: marosleleiskola.wordpress.com

M-Around Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Kft

M-Around Educational Consulting Ltd. is a private company situated in South-Hungary. The company started its operation at the end of 2016, however, the members of the company have strong knowledge, background and many years’ experience in the field of education and training. M-Around is engaged with supporting educational bodies to determine, prepare, finalize and execute their development strategies with the approach of competence based learning. From pre-schools to upper secondary schools the company has partners from different sectors and training areas. MAround is also dedicated to supporting local communities to create an integrated and supportive social, cultural and business environment, to keep the values of rural areas, and be a motivating, inspiring and predictable place to live. The company is the partner of the local municipality council and work together with farmers’ associations and different local companies. Besides this activity, M-Around has a few international businesses and school partners and support them to find business opportunities in the region. Training for employees and efficiency analysis are the most common services that are represented by the company on behalf of Danish providers.

Website: maround.hu

Menat B.V.

Menat is a dedicated HR solution provider for individuals and businesses that require greater insight into their current and future situation. Menat excels in understanding the question in hand and match it with the right tools, skills and expertise that guarantees a sound solution. Menat is a company that develops products and services on changing behaviour. Most of them are eapplications combining personal development, job descriptions, assessments, gaming and online text analyzing. he worked for big companies as Rabobank- Nederland. ITC combined Terminals Rotterdam, Albert Heijn, the ministry of justice etc. M&AT is a partner within the cooperation “Het Gilde” or Guild. Historical seen A guild is an association of partisans who control the practice of their craft in a particular area. The earliest types of guild were formed as confraternities of workers. They have organized in a manner something between a trade union, a cartel, and a secret society. They often depended on grants of letters patent by a monarch or other authority to enforce the flow of trade to their self-employed members and to retain ownership of tools and the supply of materials. In the modern form “the Guild” is an association of HRM-experts legalized in cooperation. M&AT is one of the founders of this cooperation.

Website: menat.nl

Școala Gimnazială „József Attila” din Miercurea Ciuc

Our organisation is providing basic education for children belonging to the age-group 6-15-year-old. Being a public educational institution, its main goal is to provide quality educational services, being able to improve its students `study results and to develop their basic competencies and skills. In the current school-year the population of our school consists of 761 students, and 75 teachers and administrative staff. In most of our classes, the teaching system is based on traditional pedagogy, but we have several classes working according to the step by step alternative. Our teachers have expertise in different other reform pedagogy alternatives, such as Montessori and Waldorf. Within our organisation, there is also a Centre for the development and integration of children with autism. Approximately 15% of our students belong to economical and social disadvantaged groups. Our two buildings are situated in the southern part of the city Miercurea Ciuc, not far from the historical city centre.

Website: jozsefattilaiskola.ro